Our Book

Hey, it’s our first book, printed in Indonesia, and also written in Bahasa Indonesia. It titled ‘Membuat Mobile Game Edukatif dengan Flash’ that mean… ‘Making Educative Mobile Games using Flash’.

The book will tell you how to create mobile games using your most familiar tool : Adobe Flash. Yes, using Flash, we can create games that suite for the education world.

This book contains tutorials arranged in a step by step way and full of illustrations of making educative games using Flash. The steps are simple and easy to follow. It is equipped with Chapter of the Introdution to Flash for beginners in Flash.

There are 4 games that become case studies in this book. In addition, there is a special chapter which will discuss additional features of games such as: Intro, Preloader, How to Play, and About. Not only making them, but also how to integrate them into the game that has been made.

In addition, the book also comes with homework that will test the understanding and enrich your experience in making educational games. Let’s Rock!